Level of Consciousness - Supra Causal Truth

Supra Causal Truth is a Consciousness transcending the Causality and abiding as the Truth Self. The light of Full Consciousness is now shining clearly like a Diamond or a Crystal, and the Absolute Self is visible, but also the seed of the Mind is visible too. It is the famous I-Thought that is visible, as named by India's greatest sage, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The seed of the Mind and the creation of the Universe is seen, and thus a continuous abiding in the Absolute Self is necessary for the final elimination of the seed of Mind.

  • The light of Full Consciousness is now shining clearly like a diamond or a crystal as the Absolute Self becomes visible, along with the seed of the mind 

  • Supra Causal means beyond causality, transcending all remaining conditions

  • Feels much more open than the Great Void & Blissful Love and much lighter too 

  • Here, the famous I-Thought becomes visible, coined by the greatest sage of India, Sri Ramana Maharshi 

  • The I-Thought or I-Feeling is a very persistent and deceptive mechanism of self-preservation 

  • It causes self-contraction and inner tension, thus narrowing the ocean of Full Consciousness down into a limited stream of separate consciousness 

  • The I-Thought or the I-Feeling needs to be isolated from all other thoughts and eventually eliminated by continuously abiding in the Heart on the Right, known as the Amrita Nadi