Level of Consciousness - Presence

Levels of Consciousness Presence is considered as spiritual adulthood. The Cosmic consciousness is due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Galactic Christed Self. The mighty “I AM Presence” and a direct connectedness and full merging of the Soul where the Soulfully Descends back into the Body. It is no more about Ascension, as the Light and Love are already fully present, so now the spirit can Descend back to Earth, thus establishing Heaven on Earth. It is a true meaning of the HERE and NOW as a True PRESENT MOMENT of being fully Present with what IS and sustaining Light and Love and all passing spiritual energies fully.

• Considered as spiritual adulthood                                                                 • A Way of Being as I AM-ness, wholeness                                                       • Infinite Space experienced as Being                                                              • Being HERE in the Present Moment                                                              • The “I AM Presence”                                                                                          • The field of being beyond the Chakras/Kundalini                                     

• A Cosmic Consciousness as the Galactic Self                                              • Being Present with all passing energies (the tree and spiritual weather analogy)                                                

• The Present is beyond the past and future                                                   • Christ Consciousness where the ego dies on a cross of time and space                                                                

• Full merging with the soul where the soul fully descends back into the body