Level of Consciousness - Inner Light

Levels of Consciousness Inner Light is the stepping stone of the spiritual awakening where the Inner Light has penetrated the densest parts of the person’s energy field, thus allowing the spirit of the Higher Self to start stepping forward and revealing it’s wisdom. Life becomes filled with continuous synchronicities and takes on a deeper meaning with insights into the inner workings of the mind, thoughts, and life as a whole. A common practice becomes the observer of life “from above,” thus gaining wisdom and higher intelligence. Once a person matures to a certain degree of knowledge and wisdom, a natural calling for Love arises to transcend the limitations of the mind.

Transcending the linear mind - rigid beliefs are transcended                   because there is a space between thoughts and oneself

Inner space expands, giving a sense of inner peace and calmness       

Intuition gets much clearer, louder and stronger, making it easier to     make decisions.                                                                                               

Transcending the limitations of the body through meditation - a              sense arises that you are not only the body                                               

Mental and emotional heaviness is transcended. The densest                 emotional energy and fear are transcended.                                             

Opening to the Inner Light starts from LOC Allowance, the opening       occurs at LOC Inner Light and integrates at LOC Inner Wisdom             

Inner Light awakening feels like waking up from a deep sleep -               everything seems more enhanced, focused and alert                               

5 Senses become clearer and sharper

Synchronicities become evident - sometimes to arrive at this stage,       your work and relationships need to change in order to match your       vibration, which may take some time                                                           

The power of intention becomes much stronger. You can create             your own reality by intention alone; you can create a loving and             uplifting environment for yourself and for those around you                 

With the opening of energy centres (chakras) the body starts                 functioning better - feeling younger, livelier, energetic, health and         wellbeing are enhanced                                                                                 

A higher view of reality, more wisdom and a deeper seeing, feeling       of lightness and ease                                                                                       

Ability to access 4D and 5D in meditation - seeing beyond the 3rd         dimensional awareness                                                                                   

First awakening of Inner Freedom, Inner Peace and a quiet mind -         lightness of being