Level of Consciousness - Great Void

Level of Consciousness Great Void is the Great Universal Void. The Dark Matter or the un-manifested Womb of the Universe from where the Galaxies are born. It is surrender to THE great Void, not a cosmic space, nor a single black hole. It is a complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN. There are many great mystics and sages known in human history in this state of Enlightenment.

• Unconsciousness and the state of deep sleep                                            • Causality and Causal Body                                                                              • The Great Universal Void = Non-Existence                                                 

• A complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN                                         

• All the knowledge of the universe gained in Awareness needs to be       surrendered                                                                                                        • The Light of Awareness needs to be strong enough to pass through    the Void and “give up” the light                                                                       

• It is surrendering to THE Great Void, it is not a Cosmic Space, nor is it  a single black hole                                                                                               • It is the Dark Matter or the Unmanifested Womb of the universe from where the galaxies are born              

• The Conscious Emptiness